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Building work planned around Ennerdale

english detail densification


A six storey block is to be built on the Ennerdale car park along Hamlets Way with a six/four storey block directly facing the entrance to Ennerdale House. Around the base of Ennerdale will be the new local housing office, further closing the open space between Ennerdale and the new block on the carpark. The application document can be downloaded here (large 300KB PDF)

ennerdale car park

View of the proposed “Site 2A” block next to Derwent House – in front of Ennerdale

View of the proposed “Site 11” block next to Loweswater House

loweswater eric treby building

eric treby estate developement

If you have the time to spare you could always trawl your way through the 250 plus obscurely named PDF documents on the council planning website for more information.

Images © London Borough of Tower Hamlets 2006

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