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eastend homes consultation

Have you read the “Statement of Community Involvement” here – if you have not yet read it (a large pdf file) – do you feel you have been consulted. If you are thinking “consulted about what” – see here – and scroll down.

From the Statement of Community Involvement…

“This statement seeks to provide information on the extensive programme of consultation that has been carried out with the residents of the Eric, Treby and Brokesley Estates over the last five years, commencing 2 years prior to the transfer of the estate to EastendHomes”.

“Central to the ethos of the regeneration of the Eric & Treby estate has been a commitment by EastendHomes and the development team to take on board comments made by residents and to ensure that progress is reported back”.

“Residents have been kept informed of the application proposals through a series of newsletters, questionnaires and events. The culmination of the consultation undertaken resulted in a presentation of the pre-application regeneration proposals at the drop-in exhibition on 20th May 2008 (approximately 55 people attended) and an evening meeting held at the Burdett Road Leisure Centre and chaired by Terry Natt, a LBTH Planning Officer on the 7 th July 2008 (approximately 20 people”.

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