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Eastend Homes – Glamis Estate issues

glamis eastend homes unlawful activity It seems Eastend Homes Ltd are yet again disregarding the duty they have to residents. Now on Glamis…. a resident writes.

I hope that you will all concur that a Construction Management Plan(CMP) is put into place to protect affected residents and the environment. EastEndHomes(EEH) and its developers appear to have made an unholy alliance whereby they truly believe they do not have to comply with a CMP. Already on the Glamis Estate Planning Control have stopped worked twice due to Telfords breaking the CMP without even a brick being laid.

Recently there has been fury at Glamis Estate Board(GEB) meetings because EEH, without prior consultation, decided to let 10 garage spaces for Telfords contractors. Residents and the GEB are furious as:-

(1)These spaces are being let for less than residents pay.

(2) Residents are worried that their security will be compromised.

(3) EEH have informed the GEB that the income will be “ring-fenced” for the Glamis Estate, but cannot guarantee it.

The CMP is clear regarding construction parking on the Glamis Estate.

Yesterday (23/10/14), yet again, the CMP was broken. Please find attached photographic evidence. Therefore, we must ask, at what point do EEH, Telfords, TH planning department and Councillors actually care about the good residents of the Glamis Estate?

Jeremy Brett – Telford Homes told the Glamis Estate Management Board earlier this year that workers would use public transport but there would be some cars on site when people came for meetings etc, these were anticipated at approximately four per day and would be parked within the site compound. So much for that little deception then.

The LBTH Enforcement Team are now looking into this further transgression – would be an interesting little exercise to catalogue the number of investigations the Enforcement Team has had to make into this organisation. Plus of course Environmental Health oversights.

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