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Eastend Homes Ltd and Data Protection

Eastend Homes Ltd have a long and glorious history of ineptitude in a variety of areas, In fact an inebriation session in a fermentation station seems out of their skills envelope at times. Not to mention planning law and the inability to add up the true number of social homes provided on estates they develop. Also the open space calculations on their developements on our estates do have an element of smoke and mirrors invloved, but more of this later.

Now they are playing fast and free with residents personal data. Data protected under the data protection act.

They have been sending out Service Charge bills for a number of blocks to one address. So all personal data goes to one address! See the letter below and if you have any further news about this data breach please let us know at [email protected]

Tayside House
31 Pepper Street


E14 9RP

Tel 020 7517 0424
Email [email protected]

13 October 2014

Please be aware that an error was recently identified with Service Charge Letters sent on Wednesday 8th October on behalf of East End Homes Ltd. This error has resulted in Letters for recipients with the same postcode being combined into one envelope and received by one recipient.

In this instance, your Service Charge Letter was incorrectly combined into an envelope addressed to another recipient who shares your postcode. Please be assured that this recipient has been informed of the error and has been instructed to disregard any Service Charge Letters they receive which do not specifically pertain to them.

You will now find your Service Charge Letter enclosed. Please accept our sincere apologies and rest assured that this error has been rectified and prevented from reoccurring going forward.

Should you have any further questions regarding this matter, please use the contact details above.

Kind Regards,

Beverley Hinds

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