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EastendHomes are consulting NOW!!! Really???


We have been putting posters up around the Estates with details of the Planning Meeting and how to get there – it seems they are being removed – so……
….get a poster for your street or block –  Click Here.
And spread the word and we can have a chance at input into the future of our estates.

EastendHomes are staging a ‘public exhibition’ of the Eric & Treby plans at the Centre on British Street as a last minute attempt at a consultation – see the colourful leaflet they posted through your door a few days ago.

exhibit A - east end homes consultationDo go and see – architects’ drawings look great in big format!!!

A questionnaire goes with the exhibition. It contains no background information but is full of loaded questions which will make you feel as if you have to answer yes to all their ideas.

A door-to-door survey is also being carried out by EastendHomes, asking the same questions. You may already have been subjected to it on your door step over the weekend.

Examples of what is missing in the questionnaire
We suggest you add your own comments to the questionnaire sheet to really give them your views, as follows:

Question 1 – Do you think your block would benefit from these improvements?

Of course we would all answer yes to that question.

Improvements in terms of decent homes (kitchens, bathrooms, new front doors etc) should have been started a long time ago and not be mixed with the building plans. It’s government policy and EastendHomes should not even ask us if we think it’s a good idea.

What they are really asking is: Will your block benefit from having all the new buildings around it?

No blocks will benefit from the additional buildings proposed. The estate will be changed forever, the view from your windows will be buildings, the sky will only be visible if you look straight up!

Improvements YES
Buildings NO

Question 2 – Do you agree with our proposals to provide new play areas for local children…?

Six small play grounds will be provided on the estate. About time too.
See map of proposed play spaces


This is not enough space for our children and it is not enough according to the London Plan; this recommends 10sqm per child, EastendHomes’ plans will provide 3sqm per child! A considerably lower figure.

EastendHomes are using the excuse that we should be happy that play areas will be provided at all since we don’t have any at the moment. They also say we can use Mile End Park but this is not always realistic with a small child. You also have to cross a busy road to get there.

NO – More play space should be provided – 10sqm per child, as in the London Plan (not only 3sqm)

Question 5 – Do you agree with our proposals to provide new affordable homes for local people including those to help overcrowding?

This development will only provide 23 new units for social housing:

52 new units will be built
-15 have already been demolished (Hamlets Way & Burdett Rd)
-14 are planned to be demolished (Brokesley Street)
23 new units TOTAL

This will not help a great deal towards clearing the backlog of 23,000 people on the Council’s housing waiting list for social housing. And so also will not remotely touch on solving the overcrowding problem.

EastendHomes do not mention these low figures, they don’t want you to know! Bear in mind that EastendHomes call themselves a social landlord! They should provide a decent amount of social housing.

YES – Provided EastendHomes will supply more than just 23 units; 23 will not help overcrowding and will not help the 23,000 people on the housing waiting list

Question 6 – Do you think building some private homes for sale and using the money from these sales to improve the estate is a good idea?

Missing information: two thirds (2/3) of the total development will be for private sale – not some!! If it really was a case of ‘some’ fine – but EastendHomes mainly want to build as much as possible in an area that has good transport links, is close to Canary Wharf and the City TO MAKE MONEY! The quality of life of people who live here is not taken into consideration.

Map of tenure allocation – the red areas are flats for sale on the private market. The blue areas are affordable, for people on the Council’s housing waiting list. Yellow is community centres/EEH offices.

EastendHomes want to cross subsidise money from sales to make improvements. This is not in line with the offer document that tenants voted on in 2003.

NO – Some means two thirds of the development, that is too much. Swap the figures round so 2/3 will be affordable and 1/3 will be for private sale

Of course you are entitled to another opinion than what is stated above – but PLEASE be aware of the pitfalls pointed out before ticking any boxes.

If you have already filled in a questionnaire, and now realise you want to change your answers get in touch with EastendHomes and say that you would like to amend your answers – that will give them a bit of an administrative headache but you will feel better for it. They are there to serve you, remember you pay them rent and charges but they are taking the p**s out of you!

Another option is just to answer NO NO NO to all the questions


Don’t fill in the questionnaire at all!!

The consultation has been non-existent so far and their lame attempt now is a case of too little – too late. EastendHomes have NO INTENTION of changing the plans at this late stage.

Post a comment here with your experience of the questionnaire, the door-to-door survey or the ‘public exhibition’. Sign yourself as tenant / leaseholder / estate or something else to give an idea of who or where you are (optional of course).

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