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EastendHomes – Estate Boards – Tenants at the Heart

facts not fiction
facts not fiction

EastendHomes Ltd is a registered charity as you can see here on the Charity Comission web site.

As a registered charity EastendHomes Ltd have to provide an annual Summary Information Return (SIR)

The purpose of the Summary Information Return is to provide the public with better information about the wonderful works EastendHomes Ltd are performing. Click this link here for the Summary Information Return 2009 submitted by EastendHomes Ltd at the beginning of 2010

In this report Peter Gibbs – Director of Finance & Resources answered the question-

  • What are your charity’s main objectives for next year?

One of the three answers to this question was:-

  • To develop our residents involvement framework and enhance our Tenant and Leaseholder participation..

If you look at the EastendHomes Ltd website about Resident Involvement & Participation you will find a lot about the local estate boards being central to their claims to have “Local delivery of services, decision making and accountability…”

Now to the point of all this:-

  • On the St Georges Estate all meetings in June and July including the Estate Management Board and the Regeneration meeting were cancelled by EastendHomes Ltd without consulting with board members
  • In Mile End East the last open estate board meeting was 22nd April and the next one we are being told will be after Ramadan. That is the second week in September at the earliest. Four and a half months with no board meeting
  • Island Gardens board it seems will now meet every three months.

How can the answer given by Peter Gibbs to the Charity Comission in January 2010 that the charity’s main objective “To develop our residents involvement framework and enhance our Tenant and Leaseholder participation” possibly be true when three of the estate boards are effectively non-existent for three months. On the EastendHomes Ltd web site the published Local Boards constitution states that:-

    • The objects of the Estate Management Board shall be, to work for the general benefit of the residents and community living in the EastendHomes managed housing
    • To consider and respond on matters referred to it by residents and/or their representatives


Read the published Local Boards constitution here.

There are some issues about the constitution at the moment that would best be resolved by disscusion at local boards – if they were to meet – more about this later.


EastendHomes Ltd Involvement structure chart

With the aid of this graphic published by EastendHomes Ltd it would be an excellent idea to update and check some information to see just how the structure is functioning.

      • The last Estate Management Board meeting on Holland Estate (1) was back in March.
      • We are pretty sure that Island Gardens (2) will be switching to meetings every three months.
      • Christchurch Estate Management Board (2a) is only meeting 4 times a year.
      • Mile End (3) nothing until September.
      • The Mile End Tenents and Residents’ Association (3a) no longer exists.
      • St Georges (4) have had no meetings for about three months.
      • Glamis Board (5) have been able to meet and decided to continue with their existing constitution, with the proviso that amendments could be made at an AGM
      • Does any one know if the Christchurch Area Tenants and Residents Association (2a) is still about – rumour has it its not.
      • The Service Review Board (Sub-Committee) is having problems attracting a quorum to its meetings.

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