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EastendHomes Leaseholders General Meeting

Eastendhomes Leaseholders & Freeholders Association
EEHLFA’S first AGM was held on Thursday 29th April 2010 at The East London Tabernacle – Burdett Road – Mile End

For the first time we have a strong, unified voice to take forward a joint campaign to bring about real change for leaseholders and freeholders on all EastendHomes estates.

Now that all launch meetings have been held on all EEH estates in the borough, the AGM was held on the 29th April to elect an official Committee at the East London Tabernacle in Mile End – Also attending were parliamentary candidates from:-

  • Conservative – Tim Archer
  • Liberal Democrat – Jonathan Fryer
  • Respect – George Galloway

Officers of the Committee Elected:

  • Chair – Gloria Thienel
  • Vice Chair – Jan Anstey-Hayes
  • Treasurer – Ares Zaimes
  • Secretary – Jill Strudwick

Management Committee Elected:

  • Glamis: John Wright, Janet Steward, Desmond Ellerbeck
  • Holland: Valeria Stangoni, Yolanda de los Bueis
  • Island Gardens: Jasmin Islam, Lorraine Pitcher, Lillian Murray, Roy Pitcher
  • Mile End: Stanley Langlais
  • St George’s: Debbie Pemberton *

* exact details still to be confirmed. Further nominations can be made at a later date.

Service charges have increased significantly since stock transfer, reviews of EEH’s bills & invoices has proven that their accountancy isn’t always accurate – and leaseholders & freeholders are paying for their mistakes.

Concerns are rising with regards to how much leaseholders & freeholders will be asked to pay towards the regeneration works, particularly as there is no longer a cap of £10,000 plus EEH are changing their leaseholder management policy but are not consulting leaseholders. All these things need to change and the only way to be heard is as one voice.

Are you worried about

  • unjustifiable hikes in service charges?
  • major works contributions running into tens of thousands?
  • EeH attitude that, whether the costs they pass on to us are reasonable or not, we are told to “pay up or be taken to court”, wasting even more of our money?

We have made a start, but we know there is a long way to go – now we need all leaseholders and freeholders to get involved – we need your support to:

  • bring about real change
  • make EeH walk its talk
  • make sure that EeH residents really get the housing management service we were promised and that we decide

Please use the leaseholder section to post comment and feedback.

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