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EastendHomes Ltd investigated for breaches of planning permission.

EastendHomes Ltd receive slap on the wrist after giving the finger to Residents, Development Committee Members & LBTH Planning on Eric & Treby and St Georges Estates.
Eastend Homes ignore planning commitee

EastendHomes Ltd have been investigated by Tower Hamlets Planning Enforcement Officers for numerous breaches of planning regulations on two regeneration sites in Tower Hamlets.

Eric and Treby Estates

On the Eric and Treby Estates EastendHomes Ltd have been told by the Planners that the continued breach of planning control by a large organisation undermines public confidence in the planning system and the ability of the council to properly discharge its function to regulate development in the area.

These are breaches are:

  • Work has commenced on open space 3 (The much publicised Kerrygold recipe tree garden) before the discharge of condition 3 – Land Contamination and Re-mediation. The Council identified shortcomings in the degree of intrusive site investigations. EastendHomes Ltd remain in breach of this condition as work has commenced
  • There is no approved Service and Delivery Management Plan. This condition should be discharged prior to works progressing beyond the foundations stage. EastendHomes Ltd remain in breach of this condition at site 14 (Ropery St site)
  • There is no approved Construction Management Plan. The need for a robust plan was identified during the application. The original plan first submitted was clearly deficient. This was pointed out by Transport for London.
    No works can start on site until this plan has been submitted/reviewed/consulted upon and approved.Delegated Report on reasons for refusal
  • Landscaping Works on Eric Street have been completed in the absence of an approved scheme. Planning officers have measured the parking spaces and found that approximately 80 M² of residents open space has been taken.
  • Without consultation with residents or planning permission EastendHomes Ltd extended the car park behind Coniston House. Planning officers have told them the will need to apply for temporary planning permission to keep the extended area for the duration of the works

St Georges Estate

Three breaches of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 have also been investigated by planning enforcement on Cable Street as EastendHomes Ltd have erected 3 unauthorised service risers. These are considered to be incongruous and not in keeping with the character of the surrounding area and are contrary council policies designed to ensure that development is sensitive and visually appropriate.

EastendHomes Ltd are now required to:

  • Completely and permanently remove the unauthorised risers
  • Make good any damage caused by the installation and removal of the service riser from the property

This has to be completed by the beginning of December 2010

Perhaps some investigations on Bede Estate might prove interesting. A quick look around the council planning web site reveal conditions requiring council approval before works start were submitted well into the development….. a little unlawful.

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