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Estate secrets?

eastend homes bunker
So much better than the original idea – see here to see the travesty they planned

This site has received a leaked secret document believed to have been sent to us by a disgruntled ex-EEH cleaner. It shows a purpose built secret bunker built secretly on an EEH estate. We can now reveal that the bunker has been discovered by a resident walking his dog on his estate. Hidden by newly planted plastic tree’s , it is on St. Georges estate!

Residents recall strange noises over a period of several nights, but never commented as they were pleased when a new forest miraculously appeared.

A dog walker was refused entry to the new forest by heavily armed security guards dressed in camouflage. On closer inspection the trees appeared to be made of plastic, also they were exotic palm trees which are not indigenous to the area. One dog walker, who refuses to be named, informs us his dog lifted its leg to urinate against one of the trees and was electrocuted, good news, the dog is ok but now urinates in the crouching female position. We are extremely worried that a human may have the same problem. Many Tesco home delivery vans have been see entering the area.

We have also had leaked to us that a tunnel has been built between Tayside House (EEH HQ) and the new bunker. This tunnel has been built for the exclusive use of eeh management in case of a storming by furious EEH residents on Tayside House.

When residents asked what the new building was EEH informed them that it was the new estate office. This is obviously a bluff as the bunker looks nothing like the plans for a new estate office approved by residents of the estate.

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