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Everyone knows that the root problem with these people is the consummate and undisguised contempt with which Paul Bloss views all leaseholders and tenants. With some noteworthy exceptions I am pleased to say, too many EEH staff are fundamentally convinced that the properties are ‘theirs’ and that we are merely an inconvenient necessity. Paul Bloss really does not care what anyone says and that attitude goes all the way down to estate officers and others. There is far too much ‘attitude’, high and low, too little respect for us and an unhealthy opinion that Bloss and the rest hold that makes them nseriously believe they can do as they please, ignore what they choose to ignore, spend public money as they deem appropriate and if a little malfeasance or lying is necessary then that will be quite OK because nobody can touch us, anyway. Teflon has absolutely nothing on EEH. If Paul Bloss could be packaged and marketed he would have plenty of ready takers. Sad to say, none of those would be people we would wish openly to be seen with. RUSSELL BERRY, Glamis Estate