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A Resident

Paul Bloss’s Eastend Homes has been conning the Glamis Estate residents for all the years that the ‘social landlord’ has been in existence.

Just one example: Poplar Harca 1 bedroom heating charge is £7 (+/-) Eastend Homes charge for similar cubic meterage = £19 (+/-). Why? No reason. Eastend Homes has never offered an explanation, however unbelievable it may be. It is that was because Paul Bloss says it is so. Is that honest? No, it is not but that has never stopped disingenuous statements from Paul Bloss or from his minions on his behalf. A typical ‘black means white’ ‘director’ is Steve Inkpen who deliberately misleads in writing and lies in public but ‘stinkpen’ (as he is affectionately(?) known enjoys the full confidence of Paul Bloss, of course…how could it be otherwise?