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    This is the petition we’ve got going at the moment:

    We object to EastendHomes’ proposals for private development on the Eric and Treby estates’ open spaces. We specifically ask you to Remove site 2A (now Ennerdale House car park) from the plans:

    The proposed sites 1, 2A and 2B do not respect the existing buildings, Ennerdale House and Derwent House; there will be too many buildings too close together, resulting in the loss of an open space which at present gives Hamlets Way an open feel.

    With the present plan the area will be too densely populated – there is talk of further development on the eastern side of Southern Grove and more planned on the St Clements Hospital site.

    It is proposed that site 2A will consist of 36 units for private sale, i.e. none for people on the Council’s housing waiting list. Our community needs good quality social, rented housing and no more private luxury flats.

    We will lose our car spaces and will in effect – along with new residents – add to the already strained on-street parking. We propose the site is redeveloped as car park with as much green space as possible after calculating how many spaces are actually required for resident parking.

    Given that other sites were removed from the original plans such as site 5 (Southern Grove between Coniston House and Derwent House) and site 6 (by the East London Tabernacle) this is not an unreasonable request.

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SIGN: we will be knocking on doors in Ennerdale on Bank Holiday Monday. If you are not in contact us here via this forum and we can arrange to meet.

    Please use this petition as inspiration for other blocks. There is still time to object. If you need a helping hand get in touch here 🙂

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    Sign the petition this weekend

    We will hand in the petition Monday 11 May – by hand at the Town Hall. We will do another round of signature collection Friday afternoon and again over the weekend, so keep an eye out for us. Alternatively contact us here to arrange a time to meet – by clicking ‘Send comment or content’ in the bar on the left.

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    Ennerdale Petition November 2008

    When we first received our letters from the Council’s Planning office that EEH had submitted their planning application to build on the estate, Ennerdale House did a petition which got signatures from 55 households (out of 90).

    This was the wording:

    We object to EastendHomes’ proposals for private development on the Eric and Treby estates’ open spaces.

    This proposal will put buildings too close together and take away our daylight, sunlight, privacy, green space and play space. The area is too densely developed with demolition and new build, like the development on British Street estate, and more planned on St Clements and Southern Grove. We need good quality publicly owned rented housing and no more private luxury flats.

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    EastendHomes, all they want is money!

    I knew something like this would eventually happen. Why are they interested in taking over the running of all the residences from the council if there’s not something extra in it for them?

    All they want is money, they don’t care about the residents, all they see them as is money. The new private residents will be the same.

    All the time they were trying to force my grandma out of her maisonette in Derwent House which she had happily been living in for 30 years. I guess they wanted to charge more rent as she was on the same rent that she was given by the council. I’m just happy that they didn’t succeed and she was there right until the day she died.

    I hate EastendHomes. Even when there was a problem the job was never done right. Please try and stop allowing these con artists buy up the East End of London. It belongs to you, not to them!

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    absolutely as one with your comments….eastendhomes in nothing but hub of thieves…they have some morons as their accountants…paying a high consultancy rate but accounts are in mess…charging like cowboys…no wonder service charge is 2.5 times what it used to be under TH…someone was telling that the conartists who started eeh used to work for council…and they used the connection to transfer all the houses to eeh…i wonder how much they are earning now…

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    This is a jolly good idea

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