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    Looking at EeH 2004 promises, what they DIDN’T tell us was that the
    pre-transfer master regeneration plans for both, British Street and St
    Georges estates, were not binding for them and that they were going to build
    every available open amenity space in order to raise money for the
    refurbishment that LBTH could not afford. Instead both, LBTH through the
    Leaseholder Consultation Documents (LCD,)and EeH, told us that EeH was going
    to regenerate both estates by ‘borrowing’ from the banks. It is interesting
    that EeH soon after secured ownership of both estates, through tenants’ vote
    only, realised that the refurbishment of both estates could not be financed
    through bank borrowing alone and had to rely heavily on infill construction.

    LBTH told leaseholders that their vote is not taken into consideration for
    the transfer because their ‘status’ was not going to change by the transfer.
    However, in consideration of the extensive infill construction and the
    adverse impact it has in our property value and quality of life, our status
    has not changed?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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