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Is EastendHomes Walking its Talk?

Following a number of posts/replies/comments about how representative EeH’ Main Board is, residents from a number of estates have asked to have a list of questions answered at the organisation’s AGM.

They are challenging the Chair of the Board, Martin Young to demonstrate that EeH is complying with its own ‘rules’ (the Memorandum & Articles of Association) regarding the appointment of Resident Members to the Board of Directors.

Why, for example are three residents from British St on the Board? Why are there no leaseholders on the Board, when nearly half EeH residents are leaseholders? Why have some Resident Board Members been in post for five years?

EeH has told residents they have no right to attend the AGM as it is not open to the ‘General Public’. EeH tells everyone else it is a ‘resident-led, community housing provider’. No details about the AGM have been made available – all we know is that it is due to take place on 29th September.

Questions re EeH’ Compliance with Memorandum & Articles of Association:

In regard to Membership of EeH:

  • Who are the current Members of EeH as ‘Community Trust’? – please provide a copy of the Register of Members as per Art 3 (1) & (2)
    NB This should include the designation of each member as ‘Local Community’ Member, ‘Tenant’ Member or ‘Community’ Member as per Art 3 (7).
  • How does the Board choose new Members? – please provide a copy of the document setting out the Board’s policy and objectives for admitting new Members (cf Art 3 (6) – when were these set, when were they reviewed and when were they published?
  • Please provide clarification of Art 3 (3) regarding the entitlement of a Local Community Trust to appoint one Local Community member to Membership of EeH as Community Trust
    (as opposed to Membership of its Board of Directors).

In regard to EeH’ Board of Directors:

  • How long can Board Members stay in post? – please provide clarification of Art 31 regarding Retirement & Election of ‘Tenant’ (ie Resident) Board members:
    specifically in relation to Art 31 (2) that ‘Transfer’ means April 2005 – ie the completion of the first disposal of the Council’s housing stock to the Community Trust.
  • Please confirm which Tenant Board Members retired at AGMs in 05, 06, 07 and 08, in compliance with Art 31 (2) sub-paras (a) – (c) and who is due to retire in 09
    – and that this is carried out in compliance with Art 31 (3) regarding retirement of Tenant Board Members longest in office.
    – and with Art 31 (5) regarding elections held in each Local Community Area.

In regard to Estate Managements Boards:

  • Who represents Leaseholders? – the Constitution of Estate Management Boards requires that ‘membership of the EMB will reflect the numbers of tenants and leaseholders on the estate, with the proportion of places reserved for leaseholders in relation to their numbers in the area’
  • Please provide figures for the numbers of tenants/leaseholders of each estate and confirmation that all EMBs currently reflect leaseholder/ tenant numbers appropriately.
  • Please also clarify why, if this is a requirement of Estate Management Boards, it is not similarly a requirement of the ‘Tenant’ Board Members representing the residents of estates on EeH Board of Directors – we note that no current Tenant Board member is a Leaseholder.

In regard to Devolution and Community Empowerment:

  • How is EeH working to empower residents? – please provide full details of the strategy and programme for community development, training and communication as per Art 59 (2) and how this is being operated;
  • and also the strategy and programme to secure the widest possible community involvement in the Community Trust as per 59 (1) and how this is being operated.
  • and details of the procedure for Local Community areas to communicate their wishes and aspirations and how this is being operated as per Art 59 (3).

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