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LBTH Council unites over delinquent landlord Eastend Homes Ltd

A quick post in relation to the LBTH council meeting Wednesday, 15th April, 2015. A vote was taken at Council resulting in a unanimous passing of the following Emergency Motion.

Emergency Motion in relation item 5.1 on the agenda – Save Our Homes

Proposed by : Cllr Robbani
Seconded by : Cllr Suluk

The Council notes

  • The petition submitted by residents on Bruce, Bernard, Carter and Barnett Houses expressing strident opposition to the proposed demolition of their homes
  • The allegation by residents that East End Homes are in breach of the stock transfer agreement signed with the Council and considerable turnout at a march opposing demolition last week
  • The importance of consultation and involvement of residents in all decisions made that affect them

This Council believes

  • That where redevelopment occurs, it should always occur in the interests of residents
  • That the petition brought to Council and action by BBC Residents shows the strength of feeling and community among many residents on this estate

This Council resolves

  • To support the residents of Bruce, Bernard, Carter and Barnett Houses in asking that East End Homes sticks to the terms of the stock transfer agreement
  • To insist upon transparent and genuine consultation in keeping with government guidelines
  • To continue both supporting and holding to account all Social Landlords that we work with
  • To ask the Lead Member to meet with EEH and representatives of petitioners to discuss the situation


EEH demonstration holland

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