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LBTH opens Enforcement case against Eastend Homes for unauthorised tree felling at St Georges Estate

Despite residents’ opposition the Council granted consent at Eastend Homes infill construction proposals at St Georges Estate. A Decision Notice was issued in January 2009 and 21 Conditions need to be discharged prior to the commencement of works.

Without the relevant authorisation from the Council, Eastend Homes removed three fine 40-year old trees for which a planning enforcement case has now been opened (enf/09/00318).

The Council also reiterated to Eastend Homes to not commence any further works on site until the relevant Conditions of the consent have been discharged and that failure to do so could result in enforcement action being taken.

To this date, Eastend Homes has failed to acknowledge that an enforcement case has been opened against it, whilst it continues with unauthorised excavation and demolition work.

St Georges Estate & adjacent properties residents have been in contact with the Council to take the necessary additional enforcement action.

This is how the trees looked like – the three to be retained are on the right.

This is how the trees look like after the 8th of July 2009 chainsaw massacre.


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