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The purpose of this policy is:

To assure you that we recognise and fully respect the privacy and personal data of the visitors to this website and
To explain what personal information we collect from this website and how we ensure its’ best protection.
This privacy policy governs this website at Other sites to which this website may be linked are not covered by this policy.
This privacy policy covers only information which is collected by

Data protection complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. It is the data controller and sole owner of personal data collected on this website. does not sell, share or transfer this information except as set out in this privacy policy.

Registration and registration information
It is not necessary for you to register with us in order to access the public content on this website. But if you do register it will allow us to personalise our services and offer you some additional benefits such as posting in the public forums.
If you do register, you are responsible for protecting your password and user name and must not share them with or disclose them to anyone else.
When you register, the basic personal information about you which we collect is: your user name & your e-mail address.

Third Parties
We do not forward the information collected about you to any third parties except where required by law to do so.

Site Content hereby expressly prohibits anyone from posting any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal materials on this site and will not be responsible for any such materials or resulting liability.

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