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News from the Leaseholders Meeting 19th November

EeHlfa is now established as a borough-wide group, linking up leaseholders and freeholders across EeH estates after a meeting on the Isle of Dogs on 19th November

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Attending were:-

….and many Leaseholders from all Eastendhomes Estates from around the borough. Standing room only.

Two late arrivals (a couple of years too late) Mr Paul Bloss – an executive film producer who dabbles in Social Housing Management and a Mr Peter Gibbs were not invited and not allowed in.

Linda Standing an EEH Anti-social Behaviour Officer spoke about the progress being made with ASB around the Manchester Road area. Proving that in this area at least EEH is making progress in improving the environment for residents.

Martin Young (Chair of the main Board EEH) bravely attempted to respond to some serious questions from residents. Though seemed to get in a bit of a pickle over the number of leaseholders on the main board.

The setting up of the new assocition is moving with along with great support.
Click here for the press release
Click here for report in The Wharf

For the first time we have a strong, unified voice to take forward a joint campaign to bring about real change for leaseholders and freeholders on EeH estates.
Are you worried about

  • unjustifiable hikes in service charges?
  • major works contributions running into tens of thousands?
  • EeH attitude that, whether the costs they pass on to us are reasonable or not, we are told to “pay up or be taken to court”, wasting even more of our money?

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