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Objections to Eric & Treby revised building plans

Dear Sir/Madam

1. I am pleased to note the REFUSAL of the planning application for infill development of the above Estates.

2. I note that within days of this REFUSAL, East End Homes had submitted a revised Application for the same, purportedly answering the reasons given by the Planning Department for the Refusal.

3. Having studied the resubmission in some depth, I am concerned that the revisions they have submitted do not materially answer your reasons for Refusal, and are at best cosmetic revisions. An example is the proposal to paint various external walls white as a solution to your objection that the design of the proposed buildings is unacceptable and out of character with the surrounding occupiers etc. Also the answer to your objection of inadequate parking provision is to reduce further the number of general parking places in order to increase the number of disabled parking places, again a solution involving a tin of paint and a brush!

In short,the scheme proposed is essentially the same, and the result, if approved and implemented, will be a marked reduction in the quality of the local environment for existing residents, and leave these two estates very much the poorer, with far less open space (whether publicly accessible or otherwise) than that currently enjoyed, and a feeling of being ‘hemmed in’.

4. The demolition of the two storey studio flats on Hamlets Way, within months of the management of these estates having passed from LBTH to East End Homes, and within a year or so of their having been comprehensively upgraded, seems to have pre-empted and assumed permission would be granted to develop the land on which they stood.

I urge you to REFUSE this resubmission.

an Eric/Treby resident

Your ref PA/09/02065

Dear Sirs

Re: Eric Street & Treby Estates

This application still constitutes an over-development of the area, without adequate provision for supporting services, or regard for environmentally sensitive sites adjacent to the area.

Although offers were made to meet with East End Homes to discuss the redevelopment of these estates after the appropriate failure of their previous application, these have been ignored.

The planning application should be rejected in its entirety.

Yours faithfully

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Planning Department

Your ref PA/09/02066

Dear Sirs

Re: proposed demolition of nos. 1-14 Brokesley Street

Should this planning application be granted conditions must be placed that there be no loss of pavement at all in the execution of the work. The ultimate developer, East End Homes, have shown no regard for the needs of residents of the Bede estate, nor others passing through Joseph Street, which happens to be a main route to a number of schools for residents north of Bow Common Lane E3.

The maximum height of any new development on the site, should planning consent be granted should be limited to the height of the houses on the opposite side of Brokesley Street, though a two-storey terrace would probably be more appropriate in terms of daylight and also acceptable density of population. Any new development permitted should also match the houses on the other side of Brokesley Street architecturally in all exterior details in keeping with the conservation area status of the street.

Yours faithfully

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