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Open space – Keep off the grass!!

This is not open space

This is not open space

Click here to download the before & after open space plan from EEH & Leaside Regeneration.
You may be surprised to know that for the purposes of the current planning application none of the land in the photograph above around Ennerdale is presently considered “public open space”
The existing paved forecourt around Ennerdale for example is not considered by Eastendhomes to be open space and therefore is not “lost” during the proposed build but paved areas to be laid on the grass during the build are presented to us as a “landscaping miracle” and bundled into the after build open space figure along with other snippets of land around the estate that anyone without a vested interest in these plans would consider as open space already.

In documentation supplied to the Strategic Development Committee by Eastendhomes and Leaside Regeneration to assist them in their decision about the future of our estates they describe valuable open space like this….

  • “…there are a number of small open spaces across the estate for use by the community. The majority of these are flat, featureless, open areas of grass, bound by railings and available for use by anyone, resident or passer by….this leaves significant areas of semi public spaces with no apparent use other than for visual amenity. Given their location, people are rarely observed sitting or using these spaces”. (No benches could be a factor there)
  • “…existing grassed area, while providing visual amenity which can be replaced, appear to have no practical use”.
  • “…under-used and little used car parking areas….. large areas of surface car parking appearing to be largely under-used”. (Could this possibly be the pricing structure?)
  • “…areas of hard standing which perform no obvious function”…..well except as a contractors car park.

Remember these quotes are taken from documents that are supposed to inform the Strategic Development Committee and assist them in making their decision. It is not meant to peddle the impression of an urban wasteland only fit for building on.

Click here to see pictures of major proposed sites
Even the grassed area (1,122 sq m – Site 8) between the bridge/footpath and Derwent House is, for the purposes of the application, presently classified as “Existing Private Communal Open Space”. Though easily accessible 24/7 through an unlocked gate.

After the proposed build this land will be surrounded on all sides by buildings and accessible through a couple of gates 2.4 m high during the hours of daylight and this will be added to the gained open space figure. Before…… open green space easily viewed by all – after…. surrounded by buildings, out of sight but miraculously liberated (well most of it) from nowhere into the gained open space figure – clever eh?

Below – The land EEH are “giving” us as open space

open_space_1-2-3-eastend_homes_land_grab_eric treby

  • 1. Wentworth Mews (behind the pub garden) 51 M²
  • 2. Pavement next to Loweswater House – 116 M²
  • 3. Vegetable patch at the end of Eric Street – 53 M²


open_space_4-5-eastend_homes_land_grab_eric treby

  • 4. Near the car park at Coniston House – 223 M²
  • 5. Pavement in Maplin Street (see also 6)


some other open_space_6-7-eastend_homes_land_grab_eric treby

  • 6. Also Maplin Street (together with 5) – 191 M²
  • 7. Pavement in Ennerdale car park – 124 M²


open space 8

  • 8. Area of grass next to Dewent House included in “Public Open Space” gain figure along with a small part of the existing car park – 980 M²

Click here to download the before & after open space plan from EEH & Leaside Regeneration.

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