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Paul Bloss (2002) v Paul Bloss (2010)

Read here a report to the LBTH Cabinet written in 2003 by an aspiring housing official spinning out the vision for the new council sponsored Registered Social Landlord (RSL) EastendHomes Ltd. That ambitious employee was Mr Paul Bloss now the Chief Executive of EastendHomes Ltd.

Paul Bloss CEO Eastend Homes


So compare the report written by Mr Paul Bloss (council officer) and the reality of life in the EastendHomes Ltd empire and you may find that things have changed a lot.

Read what they say on the EastendHomes Ltd website about Resident Involvement & Participation. You will find a lot about the local estate boards being central to their claims to have “Local delivery of services”. Then why have board meetings on all estates been cancelled or reduced to quarterly meetings. (with the exception of Glamis where meetings will go ahead but without EEH participation – that is another story)

  • On the St Georges Estate all meetings in June and July including the Estate Management Board and the Regeneration meeting were cancelled by EastendHomes Ltd without consulting with board members
  • In Mile End East the last open estate board meeting was 22nd April and the next one we are being told will be after Ramadan. That is the second week in September at the earliest. Four and a half months with no board meeting
  • Island Gardens board it seems will now meet every three months.
  • Holland Estate Local Board meetings have been put on hold – the last meeting that took place was in March.
  • Glamis Estate has been contacted by Steve Inkpen and been told that EastendHomes will remove “administrative support” – Glamis voted on 7th July 2010 not to adopt the revised EastendHomes constitution being forced on all boards.

So where is the system for decision making and accountability which EastendHomes Ltd claims are at the heart of its approach…… cancelled!

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