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Planning application – Experience from St Georges estate

In relation to EeH planning application for St Georges Estate infill construction scheme, various irregularities have been observed:

a) LBTH decided that no Environmental Impact Assessemnt (EIA) was required. Instead it requested approximately 12 environmental studies to be submitted and considered prior to the decision for consent. This did not happened, the scheme was considered without important studies in place and some of them were submitted afterwards or attached to the Decision as discharge conditions.
b) Some information provided in the Officers report was either misrepresenting actual facts (i.e. London Plane trees on the Highway conflicting with the proposed built), or playing down important adverse consequences of the proposed scheme (i.e. density, PTAL rating, inconsistencies in the Built and Roof Lines).
c) Noise mitigation measures should have been submitted and assessed by LBTH prior to granting the consent. This did not happen.
d) Residents’ objection letters and petitions showing that half of the estate residents were opposing the proposed scheme in its present form were ignored by LBTH. It is worth mentioning that LBTH insisted that it carried out limited consultation, and it was left for EeH to have consulted with residents. Many months previously, when residents were objecting to EeH for the proposed scheme, EeH responded that we would have the opportunity to object to LBTH once they submit the application.
e) Statutory consultees, such as TfL and English Heritage were either sidelined or were not provided with the information they requested.
f) Statutory consultees who previously objected the scheme did not receive any notification regarding the discharge of conditions in order to make representations.

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