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Public Meeting with John Biggs – 25th July

BBC Residents campaign against proposed demolition of the Holland Estate to hold public meeting Saturday 25th July with guest speakers Mayor John Biggs and Deputy Mayor Shirajul Islam

The meeting, to be held at 6:30pm in the BBC Community centre on the Holland Estate, E1 7NR, will offer residents a chance to question the recently elected Mayor to follow up on pre-election promises to get behind the campaign to save their homes from demolition by rogue RSL East End Homes.

This follows a successful meeting on Thursday 23rd with Rushanara Ali MP. Rushanara was able to state how she could help residents with the campaign by getting answers from East End Homes who for several months have refused to communicate with residents. She has also raised the issue with the Minister for Housing and Planning Brandon Lewis MP.
The meeting also gave campaigners a chance to update residents on a recent meeting with service heads for planning, housing and social housing at Tower Hamlets Council.

Resident and campaigner Jarrod Sanderson said, “We found that East End Homes had only approached the council about their demolition plans in December 2014, almost a year after they started their feasibility study. Council officers were left wondering why East End Homes had gone to the trouble of submitting and gaining permission for refurbishment plans for the estate back in 2010, only to u-turn and push for demolition several years later. The officers were also concerned about the £2.1 million of taxpayers money East End Homes spent on the internal redecoration of the tenants’ homes that they are now proposing to demolish.

He added, “East End Homes had promised their board that they would seek a sign of council backing before committing time and resources to a redevelopment feasibility study, but they had clearly failed to do this.

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