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Read how rogue RSL EastEnd Homes treat residents

Read how rogue RSL EastEnd Homes treat residents in this complaint email – a resident sent it to the BBC Residents Group because EEH refused to reply.

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Complaint and Anti Social Behaviour report

10 April 2015 at 13:00

Dear Sir/Madam

I am the leaseholder of  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  and I would like to make an anti social behaviour complaint about the treatment that myself and my wife received during our attendance of the recent Open Day on Wednesday 8th April.

When we arrived at the event we were informed, along with other residents present, in an aggressive manner by an Eastend Homes staff member, that all residents could not attend the consultation together and instead had to be split into groups of 4. There may have been reasons for this in terms of health and safety, but I am sure that you will agree that is no excuse for shouting this information at people. When residents objected to this, another Eastend Homes staff member, Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  threatened to close down the open day. Anyway, when we were eventually let into the Open Day and the shouting died down, this policy resulted in myself and my wife not being able to go into the Open Day interview room together. In our case this posed a particular issue since my wife’s first language is not English and was unable to understand some of what was being communicated.

But that was only the start. Once inside the interview room, the Eastend Homes staff member who had aggressively told us about the 4 people at a time policy launched into his monologue about the proposed demolition. At that point I had no idea who he was. so I tried to ask politely who he was. I was told in no uncertain terms *Be quiet, don’t interrupt me”, and that by interrupting him I was delaying the process. I tried to push the point further that I didn’t know who he was and he did identify himself as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a home ownership officer. Again, he delivered this in a highly sarcastic and over the top manner, further claiming that I knew who he was and that I was wasting time just asking his name. I cannot understand this as I have never seen nor spoken to this man before. Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxx then proceeded to talk about and show images of disrepair around the estate. At this point. I questioned why Eastend homes had not carried out repairs. I was then shouted down by Mr xxxxxxxxxxx who aggressively spat out the imperative “Shut up or get out!’. Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx also tried to chip in at this point, but Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx shouted him down as well, ordering him to “Be quiet.” What kind of organisation allows senior staff members to address their juniors in such a way? From then on the group of 4 of us in the room tried to keep quiet whilst Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx proceeded with his presentation. However, there were points at which I wanted to ask for clarification and I did also come to the Open Day hoping to be able to ask some questions. Each time I tried to ask I was shouted down or steamrollered over by either Mr xxxxxxxxxxx or Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. It was clear that neither of them were interested in residents’ views – either mine or those of the other 3 residents in the presentation with me. The whole presentation was delivered in an extremely patronising tone. I did mention that by being talked at and shouted at I felt like I was being treated as a child, to which Mr xxxxxxxxxxx replied “Well don’t act like one then.”

The presentation ended, and to give him credit. Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx did instruct me to wait outside and he would answer any questions later. I went to wait outside the room and sat down in a waiting area. Shortly Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxx came out and asked me what I was doing there. I told him what Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxx had said about waiting for him. but Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxx just said I had to leave now. I told Mr  xxxxxxxxxxxxx that I still had further questions and that Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxx had offered to answer them. Mr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx then said “Please leave Leave the building now or I’ll call the police”. My wife, who was at this point just coming into the waiting area for her turn to view the presentation witnessed this exchange and told me that she felt very distressed at this. It felt like we had been invited to the Open Day just to be harassed, abused and told that our views, questions and concerns as well as ourselves were not welcome. It also seems clear to me that Eastend Homes, to the extent that their officers speak for them, does not want to hear our concerns or views about the proposed demolition.
The proposed demolition of our homes is an extremely sensitive issue. Emotions and tension around the estate is running high at the moment. Regardless of whether we as residents are in agreement or not. surely it should be communicated to Eastend Homes staff that they should tread carefully in any communications about the issue and at the very least maintain a modicum of respect towards the residents that they are supposed to serve.

As a professional organisation, whom I subsidise as part of my service charge payments, I would expect Eastend Homes to hold its staff to a much higher standard of behaviour with regards to their interaction with estate residents. To be quite frank I am disgusted and extremely upset about the way in which myself and my wife were treated on Wednesday.

I would be grateful if you could reply to me letting me know what action you will be taking to address my complaints.



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