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Registered Anti-social Landlords

News is about that registered social landlords in the borough are trying to make life difficult for any real resident involvement.
This may not be a surprise to some……..

  • Housing councillor Marc Francis admits making mistakes to “properly protect the interests” of neighbours living on the Samuda, St John’s, Barkantine and Kingsbridge estates when they were transferred to Island Homes four years ago.
  • Caxton Hall Community Centre is being hassled by LBTH to sign up to a lease agreement – these leases that are very business oriented in charges (thousands of pounds a year) could drive the Malmesbury Residents Association “out of business”
  • Then there is the letter Paul Bloss sent to residents who use the Cultural Centre on British Street – threatening closure if they didn’t behave

Eastendhomes did back down on charges they wished to gather from leaseholders for a public meeting at St Georges.

So attention all TRAs and resident groups – contact us if you have any similar stories or experiences from the Borough. Email us here.

anti social landlords

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