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Holland Demolition – Residents survey out now!

June 2015 Petition of Holland Estate Residents about Refurbishment or Demolition / Redevelopment Preferences

Residents signed the petition to request the East End Homes (EEH) Main Board to intervene and help to stop the demolition proposals for the estate. Specifically:

  • EEH to Stop the demolition plans immediately as the overwhelming majority of residents and the Holland Estate Board oppose it.
  • EEH to Refurbish our estate and carry out all the qualifying works as stated in the development agreement of the original transfer of Holand Estate to EEH from Tower Hamlets Counci on 13 November 2006.
  • EEH to Manage and maintain our estate in a professional and transparent way going forward with no more excuses for letting the housing stock fall into disrepair.

The numbers of residents who supported demolition proposals, were undecided or declined to answer were also recorded.

Key to pie charts below


Barnet, Brune, Bernard and Carter Houses
Oppose demolition 121
Support demolition 0
Declined to answer 2
Undecided 0
No response 19

Oppose demolition = 85%

Support demolition = 0%

Respondents who oppose demolition = 98%

Barnet, Brune, Bernard and Carter Houses
Barnet, Brune, Bernard & Carter

Wheler House
Oppose demolition 20
Support demolition 8
Declined to answer 0
Undecided 5
No response 17

Oppose demolition = 40%

Support demolition  = 16%

Respondents who oppose demolition = 61%

Wheler House

All Blocks
Oppose demolition 141
Support demolition 8
Declined to answer 2
Undecided 5
No response 36

All blocks 73% oppose demolition

4% support demolition

Respondents who oppose demolition = 90%

All Blocks

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