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Residents Conference 2009 (aka 2 Stars and promising prospects……)

I remember seeing this breaking news shortly after it appeared at the beginning of April. My how time flies…..

Audit Commission EeH 18Dec08 Report
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“Work on the day will be informed by the outcome of the recent housing inspection by the Audit Commission which resulted in EastendHomes being awarded 2 Stars and promising prospects” it says on the website.

Not quite the full story. To read the report download the full PDF version here

The report actually states “We have assessed Eastend Homes as providing a ‘good’ two-star service that has promising prospects for improvement”.

The report does find many strengths in the services Eastendhomes provides – and so it should as most of the senior management team had plenty of practice working for Tower Hamlets.

Here are a few more snippets from the report…..

“satisfaction surveys are not always in line with good practice”

“the association has been slow to bring about consistency in standards, lacks long term plans and some performance indicators are misleading and action plans are not all SMART” (ie Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time-bound)

“the asset management strategy is not comprehensive and the speed of repairs is only average”

“service charge calculations for tenants do not represent actual costs”

“the association….does not explain the costs of services to residents and does not run some areas of the service efficiently”

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