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Who is Paul Bloss?

It would perhaps be useful, before we enumerate East End Homes’ virtues and achievements, for us to know who PAUL BLOSS is. This is the man who is ensconced at the top of the pile. This is the man who is responsible for the decisions that affect our lives. This is the man who gives the lead and sets the tone for our employees – yes, they really are OUR employees, paid to serve us, however much it may be unpalatable as statements go.

I do not know who our glorious leader is. He is a complete mystery to me. To me he may well be a demi-god who from time to time deigns to attend to business brought to his notice. My understanding of the identity and character of Paul Bloss is vague, hazy, unclear, confused and inadequate. To me Paul Bloss is quite a mystery, almost an enigma.

Many seem to sympathise or empathise with my genuine state of ignorance as far as Paul Bloss is concerned. I am sure from my own casual conversations that many intelligent and vital people on the Glamis Estate do not have a clear idea of who Paul Bloss is. The same goes for the others – we must examine them all, one by one, and scrutinise them so we may better appreciate and know their worth – but we should start with Paul Bloss, our own Big Brother.

Please contribute positively and using due self-control as to language. We need to know Paul Bloss in order to understand Paul Bloss and since so very few appear to understand him at all we should pool our knowledge here.

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